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One of the most significant investments that most people make is buying a home. Since it is one in a lifetime kind of investment, a lot of things should be considered before throwing the money on the table.

You wouldn’t want to buy a home only to uncover electrical or plumbing issues on the day of the move. To avoid such a situation, you must order a home inspection in Orlando.

At Ontime Inspections, we offer the best home inspection in Orlando, FL. We are a team of property inspectors who are experienced and trained to inspect homes of all shapes and sizes, provide valuable insights on the condition of the property, and make recommendations regarding maintenance and repairs associated with it.

Certified Home Inspector In Orlando FL

If you are going to buy or sell a house, a home inspection service by a certified home inspector in Orlando, FL is highly recommended. Buying or selling a property is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Having a third-party assurance will be quite helpful in making a confident decision. A home inspector will run a non-invasive visual inspection of the property and prepare a detailed and comprehensive home inspection report. The report will tell you about all the hidden and underlying defects or potential defects that are present in the home. It will help you in re-negotiations and as a seller, you will be able to get them fixed. A home inspection report by us will also act as a marketing tool and help you in selling your property faster and at a more acceptable price.

Affordable Home Inspection Service Orlando

When you hire us for pre-purchase, pre-listing, or buyers’ inspection, you can rest assured, we will make the decision easier for you.

Looking for a “home inspector near me”? Contact Ontime Inspectors now and order a quality home inspection in Orlando. Having examined 1000s of properties over the years, we are proud to call ourselves the leading home inspection company in Orlando.

Our Home Inspection Includes

At Ontime Inspections, our certified home inspectors are dedicated to providing the most exact and accurate home inspection in Orlando for each and every customer. You can rely on our experience in the industry to produce the most detailed and thorough commercial property inspections in Central Florida. Our home inspection in Orlando. FL includes

  • Pre-Listing Inspection
  • New Construction Inspection 
  • Buyer’s Inspection 

We are an experienced and qualified team of home inspectors in Orlando, FL that examine homes of all shapes and sizes, provide helpful insight into the state of the property, and provide suggestions for upkeep and repairs to help with the home buying process.


Our Inspection Services

Our inspection services include a fast and prompt home inspection followed by a detailed and comprehensive home inspection report. The report will be attached with high-quality photographs to make the report more reliable and understandable to the client.


Wind Mitigation Inspection

In the state of Florida, a single hurricane can cause billions of dollars in damage. Therefore, it is essential for homeowners, buyers, and sellers to opt for a wind mitigation inspection. A wind mitigation inspector looks out for wind-resistant features that enable your home to stand up to a strong windstorm and hurricane. The stronger those features and add-ons are, the easier will it be for the inspector to deem your home storm-proof.

4 Point Inspection

4 Point inspections are different from general inspections. They are precise, compact, and cover four primary areas of a property: the HVAC system, plumbing system, electrical outlets, and roof. Most insurance companies have strict guidelines for such inspections because they don’t want to insure older homes that can become a liability for them in the future. Our home inspectors have the appropriate license to perform such inspections.



Home Inspection
We provide detailed, easy to understand, reliable home inspection reports that can help you understand the condition of your property and identify problematic areas before it’s too late. We also provide pictures of defects so that repairs can be initiated as soon as possible.
Home Inspection
Thermal Imaging Camera for Infrared Scanning
We utilize thermal imaging cameras to identify damp-related issues as well as poor insulation that may lead to heat/cooling loss. Our inspectors are experienced in seeing what you can’t see.
Home Inspection
Moisture Meter for Mold Inspection
While any building or property can have some kind of mold, high moisture provides a ripe condition for it to grow. If mold is present in your home, it may cause structural damage to your property, ruin your belongings, and be harmful to your health. To help you protect your investment, we use a moisture meter to identify areas of moisture intrusion.


Milad was very good in timely response – really conducted a very good job – I will recommend him to my fellow realtors and other potential consumers

-Markus Khalil

Best Inspection Reports, Milad makes everything easy and convenient. Highly Recommended

-Mariam FG

Milad was awesome. Professional and on time. Walk us through many items on our future home. We feel confident going into this home thanks to Milad.

-Paul and judy

Milad is the most thorough and accurate inspector in the entire State of Florida. Milad is the most detailed inspector I have ever worked with. If your looking for the most detailed and accurate home inspection then look no further. Milad has extensive knowledge in every aspect of home/building construction and land management in the business. Milad will treat you like family and go over the entire inspection process from start to finish.

-Andrew Robert

Excellent communication, very responsive and worked in a timely manner!!! Very professional!


Very reliable and helpful! Quick to answer any questions we had about the inspection report
-Julianna Milan

Magdi did great job , he is professional, he answered all the questions, he covered everything. Thank you Magdi

-Rimon Joarje

Ontime inspectors is my to go inspectores, Honest, professional and always ontime.


The service was outstanding, communication was very clear and accurate. We got the full report in one day after the inspection.

-lahcen Touil

I dont usually write reviews, but Magdi really deserves one. He is very honest and professional. I highly recommend for anyone who would like to inspect their home.

-Morcos Tadros

A home inspection involves a comprehensive evaluation of the foundation and structure of the house. It emcompasses the inspection of huge appliances in the house with the basics like plumbing, electricals, flooring, roof, air conditioning and ventilation.

Being an investor you would not want to put money in a property that cost you more than giving you a peace of mind. Hence, a home inspection is always suggested . You can make an informed decision when you plan to buy a house that is completely evaluated from an expert point of view.

As per the legal requirements there are no fixes that are mandatory. However, if you are investing in buying a dream home, you should consider the water problems, plumbing issues, damaged roofs, HVAC system, worn out electricals, mold infestation and more before you decide to live in it.

Home inspections are done to provide you with an honest picture of the shortcomings and the advantages of the house. As a trained professional, we provide our customers with a complete report of the evaluations done on the house in order to ease their minds. The ultimate decision lies with the investor.

Water problems, issues with electricals, issues in the HVAC system, damages roofs, mold infestations, plumbing problems, flooring conditions, are a few aspects that raise red flags during a home inspection.
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