At Ontime Inspectors, we have a team of highly qualified and certified home inspectors in Sanford, FL. We excel at delivering all kinds of home inspection services. Our home inspectors have been trained and certified by InterNACHI, the highest body of home inspectors in the world. We have been trained to perform various kinds of home inspections while following the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by InterNACHI. Contact us today to get the most reliable home inspection in Sanford, FL, and the nearby areas.

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Are you looking for home inspection services in Sanford, FL, and the nearby areas? If so, we have got you covered. Our certified home inspector in Sanford, FL, specialize in performing all kinds of home inspections including thermal imaging and wind mitigation inspections. Do not worry about your home’s condition. Ontime Inspectors are here to let you know what defects exist in your home and what kind of repairs it would need. All you need to do is contact us and hire our professionals. Get a home inspection in Sanford, FL, today.


Sanford is a city in Seminole County in Florida in the United States of America. As most of the residents of Sanford, FL own their homes, the city offers a dense suburban feel to the people living there. The environment of Sanford, FL is very welcoming to new families and outsiders. It is one of the oldest incorporated cities in central Florida and the brick-lined streets in Sanford are pretty well known. If you are planning to move to Sanford with your family, you have made a pretty decision. Buy yourself home after getting a home inspection in Sanford.


At OnTime Inspectors, we’ve been increasing current standards since opening. A premier choice for home inspection in Sanford FL, we bring long periods of involvement, proficient preparation, and unrivaled meticulousness to each home examination and business property assessment we lead.

Buying a home or business space is an enormous monetary responsibility. Our residential home inspector in Sanford, FL, will probably instruct you with a careful comprehension of the property condition so you can settle on a certain choice.

We hold our overseers to a staggeringly exclusive expectation. We expect them to be affirmed and experienced, just as individuals from the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors® (NACHI). Also, we have them train for quite a long time prior to assessing a home all alone. Indeed, even our most talented reviewers are consistently going to workshops and master instructional courses.

Some investigation organizations offer payoffs to real estate agents to acquire a more prominent portion of the overall industry. While this plan is untrustworthy, it has as of late become a major issue. Since NACHI-guaranteed controllers are precluded from offering or getting payoffs, a few examination firms have needed to leave NACHI.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

From a legitimate angle, there are no compulsory fixes after a home investigation. That doesn't mean, notwithstanding, that dealers can excuse the home review impromptu or decline to pay for mentioned fixes and anticipate that the sale should continue. Nonetheless, Realize when to request fixes

You ought to just be requesting that the vendor fix serious issues like primary issues, harmed ground surface or dead trees close to the home. Remember that in this situation, you can not single out who is accomplishing the work, when and how it is being finished.

A home review is an assessment of the actual construction and frameworks of a house—from the establishment to the rooftop. A home assessment regularly takes between 2-3 hours, yet this might fluctuate extraordinarily relying upon the size of your home and any extra administrations that you add to your review.

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